Tracking Manual


A comprehensive guide to tracking.


006This comprehensive e-manual covers all the essential basic training techniques to give you and your dog a strong foundation needed to build a successful tracking Career.

The training manual provides step by step guides suitable for:-

  • Beginners who want to try tracking for the first time,
  • Those who want to progress through the different levels of the UK Tracking Association tests,
  • Experienced trackers who are having difficulties with certain aspects of their training.
  • Help preparing the tracking team for UD tracks in Working Trials and the UKTDA (Level 1 – Novice test).

Seven easy to follow lesson plans guide you through all the tracking stages with text supported with diagrams and videos.

You will learn:

    • What you need to get started and the importance of the wind.
    • The different training techniques for both the toy and food motivated dog and most appropriate food & toys to use.
    • The value of using the ‘Walk-in’ and its uses as a training leg.
    • How to Introduce first corners
    • The importance of doing a ‘Blind track’
    • Problems when tracking with a side wind and how to train for this.
    • To incorporate down and side wind legs.
    • How to lay ‘blind’ corners so you don’t get lost.
    • Teaching your dog to track downwind corners without over shooting.
    • How to age tracks in a methodical way.
    • The difference between the vegetative and the ground scenting tracking dogs
    • How to achieve reliable article recovery
    • Pair articles with food and exchanging with a toy
    • Add value to the articles with the track being seen as the reward.
    • Train several corners using all wind directions and how to dispense with the food drops.
    • Training for ‘cross tracks’ and other distractions.

016If you are completely new to tracking then I recommend that you start by working through the Equipment page and the free units below – Introducing Articles  and Effects of Wind. This will give you an idea of what’s involved in this type of dog training.

It is easy to get carried away with tracking training and to neglect article training. In my experience it is best to start the article training early on as a separate game from tracking, and then to merge the two together later. This approach will help to avoid problems later with finding articles when tracking.

I also suggest that you join the UK Tracking Dog Association – Members Group on Facebook. This contains a lot of posts and comments relevant to tracking as well as the important documents, ‘How do I?’ and ‘Tracking test Regulations’.

Before you start to teach your dog how to track you will need to have your tracking line, harness, tracking poles, treats, food pot or toy and a suitable place to train.

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Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 First Steps
Unit 2 First Corners
Unit 3 First Blind Track
Unit 4 Conclusion
Module 2 Cross Winds & Blind Corners
Unit 1 Training accuracy with a side wind
Unit 2 Laying a ‘Blind’ Corner
Module 3 Line Handling
Unit 1 A Good Start
Unit 2 Casting
Unit 3 Training the dog to get used to line handling
Unit 4 Measuring & Training the Give Up Point
Unit 5 Reading the Dog's Body Language
Module 4 Precision Cornering
Unit 1 Making the dog a corner addict
Unit 2 Side wind & into the wind corners
Module 5 Awesome Articles
Unit 1 Article Training
Unit 2 Placing the article on the track itself
Module 6 Ageing the Track
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Ageing Experiment
Unit 3 Training Plan
Module 7 Training for Cross Scents & Other Distractions
Unit 1 Wildlife Contamination
Unit 2 Previous tracks laid by another track layer
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