Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

So March is here already and after what seems like a long winter signs of spring are here at last.

To start with some good news, Amber had 4 gorgeous puppies which were born earlier than expected.

A bit of a rainbow litter, as expected from Sketch, with one tri-coloured bitch, yes the first time he has produced a black tri-colour!, one sable dog, one blue dog and one blue sable with streaks of white. If you are interested in a pup from this litter please contact Ann-Marie

Also, Bo ‘Gunran Chasing Rainbows’ came to visit Sketch again and Bo was scanned, last week and has been confirmed in pup. Lou doesn’t have a website so I can pass on any enquiries if you are interested in a pup from this mating.

On the agility front Toffee is coming back strong from her Winter break although I noticed that she jumped off the ‘A’ frame too high up which not only would result in 5 faults, but could cause injury so a bit of work to do here.

The scent work classes are going well and seem to be getting fully booked whenever I organise one. Yesterday’s session was for beginners again and what a variety of different breeds 3 Working Cockers, “Springer Spaniels, A bull terrier x and a most delightful Jack Russel Terrier. I am planning to do a ‘Scent Work 2’ possibly in May.

Some pictures from the day.

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