May and the Month for Rain

May and the Month for Rain

Yes, I have had to cancel more tracking sessions during the month of May than I have to had all Winter; strange isn’t it?

Last weekend I went with a friend to see Sketch & Bo’s pups again and my, haven’t they grown!  Lou, the breeder has decided to keep the solid red bitch pup as she seems to have wriggled her way into the ‘Pink’ families hearts. Miss Ruby, seems to be the favourite of elder sister ‘Luna’ so it seems that she is the right choice all-round.

Below is a picture of ‘Norman’ looking like a sheepdog and the owners are going to have another puppy bitch from this litter and she is to be called ‘Betty’. Just love the name by the way.



So Toffee’s toe got better although I held her back from  agility for 3 weeks which meant that her first championship jumping and agility classes at the ‘Vine’ show, went ahead without any practice for 3 weeks. I must say that I really enjoyed the whole championship experience and I thought both  courses where really straight forward. I have decided to have fun in this class and not be bothered about people watching which was just as well as Toffee dived back through the tunnel unexpectedly tripping me up resulting in me  falling over her and landing on my back! Well I suppose it always good to get that out of the way!

The scentwork classes are going well and I along with a few friends, have set up a new facebook page called ‘Scentwork UK’. The page is for anyone to join who does scentwork and hopefully to help people with training problems as well as let people know about available training classes.

Today I had a 1-2-1 session with this Chris  and his gorgeous American Bulldog who turned out to be  an absolute fantastic search dog.


Chris & his American Bulldog

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