Level 2 & Level 3 UKTDA tracking tests

Level 2 & Level 3 UKTDA tracking tests

I assessed 5 teams today, two doing L3 and three doing L2. Again the dogs included many breeds – a Golden Retriever, 2 Spaniel crosses, GSD, and a Collie.

We started with a draw for the two L3’s tracks and first up was Di and her GSD dog Finn. Finn appeared to struggle on the first leg casting several times before he settled down and found the first two articles quite easily. Finn was tracking really well until unfortunately he fell fowl to the cross track meaning that I had to call this team off meaning a fail for this team today.

Next was Diana with Maestro who is incredible tracking dog who is still going strong ever at 13 years old!. Again Maestro didn’t find the track easy and worked really hard. Fortunately Maestro ignored and went over the cross track today and therefore passed his first L3.

There was then another draw for the L2 tests and we knew that the first field contained a public footpath and needless to say no one wanted this field so it was bad luck if you were drawn to track first. Unfortunately this was Chris and her young Golden Retriever bitch Dilly. Dilly tracked really well until she came to the public foot path and wanted to go down it as it was obvious that some ramblers had walked down the path since the track had been laid. Fortunately Chris’s very good handling skills helped Dilly to cross over this major distraction and they both went on to complete the track successfully.

006Next up was Linda & Rory and there didn’t seem to be any holding back with Rory tracking very confidently and finding both articles.

Lastly was Ann & Maisie who have been doing really well in competitions lately. Maisie rose to the challenges today and didn’t seem to be worried, like her owner, for not finding an article until well over half way around. So now Maisie has gained her second L2 so this term will be in training for the challenges of the cross tracks in L3.

A most enjoyable day was had by all.

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