It’s January and plenty is going on!

It’s January and plenty is going on!

Well the first ‘scent’ classes started last Thursday 8th January and we had 6 eager teams with a whole variety of different breeds. We started the session with ‘pairing’ the scent with food in a shoe box and when the dogs got the idea we added up to five ‘un-scented’ boxes making the choice for the dog more challenging. All the dogs were then introduced to luggage by placing small pieces of liver tucked in pockets and around the zip areas of the luggage. All the dogs enjoyed this immensely.

Also last week Wednesday, Toffee had a L3 tracking test and at the same time three other dogs did the L2 tests. As these events are quite small it means that everyone pitches in with finding fields, track laying, sourcing track patterns, articles, and assessing which sometimes results in rather a hectic morning. The weather forecast said that the wind would get up and then the rain would arrive by lunchtime so everyone was in a rush to get done by this time. I laid the three L2 tracks whilst Jennifer lay the L3 track that Toffee and I were to do before we all went into Joy’s house for a much welcomed cup of coffee which was much appreciated.

Joy’s dog Tyke was drawn first to track and started well but unfortunately we discovered later that a group of deer had run over the track at just the point where the diagonal corner leg had started which probably couldn’t have been at a worse place. Tyke initially took the diagonal leg and then seemed to question himself before turning in completely the wrong direction. Pity.

Next up was Chris followed by Jennifer who both worked their tracks well and passed the tests. Here is part of the video of Jennifer’s track up until the first article.

Now when it was Toffee’s turn. The wind had really got up and as she tracked from the pole I knew by her behaviour the track was going to be difficult. The track started with a straight leg of 25 paces, a cut back, another straight leg followed by a second cut back. Toffee unfortunately over shot the second cut back and ended up in ‘no-man’s land’ before dashing off to the walk way used to divide the field in half in desperation! . Although at this point Toffee had failed the track, Jennifer kindly offered to show us where it went so we could continue to give her confidence but Toffee didn’t acknowledge the track at all and I can only assume that it had broken up in the very wild weather; well’s there is always another day.

amber1Anyway Sketch was rather pleased with himself as a rather pretty girly called Amber came to see him. Fingeres crossed that this mating will result in some puppies due around mid-March. Please contact Anne- Marie Waugh if you are interested,

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