April: the month for cold mornings and warm days.

April: the month for cold mornings and warm days.

Sketch and Bo’s puppies arrived and a bit of a surprise this time with 3 red puppies and two black and whites, 1 dog and 4 bitches. Bo is doing her usual brilliant job at being mum and the puppies certainly look content and well fed. Two of the puppies are going to people who had pups from the last litter as they are so pleased with them. There is one red bitch still available so contact me if you are interested and I will pass your details onto Lou.

The outdoor agility season has started and Toffee decided to chase a Monk Jack Deer and came back hopping on three legs. I could see that her foot had swollen so I ice packed it to allow the swelling to go down later to discover that she had dislocated her toe, so no agility and lead walking only for her. pudley-994

Sketch was entered in the ‘Allsorts’ class, the first time that he had run an agility class for 18 months after pulling a muscle in his groin. Well I can only describe his run as rather enthusiastic! It was a lovely course which comprised of straight lines, a couple of turns and tunnels. I have started on a bit of weeve training with him but taking things very slowly.

I ran another ‘Scent’ workshop at Little Revel End Kennels near Hemel Hempstead. Again a great variety of breeds with all dogs showing great enthusiasm for finding the liver treats using their nose. 012Megan, who works at the kennels and came on the course with her gorgeous little terrier, has asked if I could run another ‘Introduction to scent work’ which will probably go ahead in July so check out the ‘Scent workshop’ page for when this is to happen.

I have another ‘introduction to scent work’ this Sunday and after that I am looking at changing the format slightly by offering either 1-2-1 sessions or ‘pairs’ (comprising of 2 people) week days and weekends. I hope that this will give more flexibility to people during the pending holiday season.




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