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tracking1Tracking is when a dog uses its sense of smell to find and follow a human trail. It is suitable for all breeds and ages, puppies and dogs with injuries or disabilities.

A track is laid by a person walking in a field to a pre-determined pattern.

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005Scentwork relies on the dog’s ability to find a specific scent hidden both within an indoor or an outdoor area. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs and ages, including puppies.

You hide the scent you want and then get the dog to find it.

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Tracking Manual

e_book_clipA comprehensive e-manual covering all the essential basic training techniques to give you and your dog a strong foundation needed to build a successful tracking career.

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Woolram Border Collies

Sketch 4 and a half years oldWoolram Lothario CDex UDex WDex TDex (AWB) (Sketch). He and his mother (Mobella Careless Whisper for Woolram) are the only Border Collies to have gained both Working Trials and Agility titles.

He has currently sired 10 litters and recently one of  his son’s, ‘Tyke’ has just passed the L1 – Novice tracking test.

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